Our Training

1. Organization Information
2. Manner & Basics Etiquettes
3. Personal Care & Body Language
4. Team Development
5. Chemical Knowledge & Handling
6. Checklist & Registers Maintain
7. Equipments Handling & Maintenance
8. Machines Use & Care
9. Store Management
10. Basic Information About Safety
11. Wastage Management
12. Emergency Incident Reporting
13. Personal Hygiene, Health & Safety
14. Fire Safety




Along with this, it is a known fact that a clean business is a more profitable and a healthier environment for you and your staff. We are here to provide you the same at its best. We provide thorough and exhaustive solutions for all your housekeeping needs, for offices, residential complexes, and industrial units.

At Well Serve Services, our endeavour is to minimize your engagement in these non-core tasks. It's only when you play to your strengths that you really shine. We offer an extensive range of services for our valuable clientele