Company Overview


Work Profile

1. Promet Team Work
2. Glass Cleaning Proceudure
3. Scrubbing & Shampooing
4. Office Area Cleaning
5. Deep Cleaning
6. Washroom Cleaning & Maintenance
7. Pantry Services
8. Marble Polishing
9. Technical & Maintenance
10. Chair Shampooing





Why Well Serve Services?

In today's ultra-competitive market place, the one more thing that powers companies forward is their commitment to customer satisfaction. We recruit & use devoted staff. We have found that most business realize that the staff they employee are a vital key to their success
We can offer a consistently great service because we recruit & retain great staff.
We recruit staff only after a satisfactory completion of our screening procedures.
We then ensure they are fully trained, by our supervisors & managers to follow our carefully developed working procedures
We give comprehensive training & demonstrations of our cleaning procedures.
Further our staff is given full health, safety Training & a thorough explanation of the levels of professionalism our clients expect
We retain great staff by paying excellent wages, ensuring all our staff receive all of their statutory entitlements & then we pay performance bonuses to reward good work.
Training is on going procedures and our staff knows they have the full support of their supervisors & managers if they need additional help.
With well treated, well paid & well motivated staff we can offer our clients a superior service to that of our competitors. integral to this approach & our continued investment in our staff is our commitment to the investors in people scheme All our staff on site wear corporate clothing, i.e. uniforms so they are readil identifiable & to add security to your premises & staff. Well Serve Services combines quality services with reliability, and a fair price for an overall value that meets our client needs.