About Us



Well Serve Services WI Corporation started out as a small mom and pop shop called Ultra Clean Carpets. We began with a modest donation by the owners mother with a residential carpet cleaner and the muscle of one individual.Carpet Cleaning became easier with the use of better equipment purchased by the business owner.  The company slowly began to evolve once the owner purchased a commercial carpet cleaner. Humble beginnings for an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to get his foot in the door of this cleaning industry. Through the help of one faithful Antoine T. they took on many tasks and endeavors which included but was never limited to residential/commercial cleaning, window cleaning, clean-outs, landscaping, duct cleaning, providing a daily service to the General Mitchel Field Airport with TSA. We also provided Parkside University with steam cleaning over 23,000 square feet of carpet early on in the business. The business is still considered a micro business due to the fact that this establishment has never been publicly or privately funded.Through the resources that were recycled into this establishment allowed its longevity.  The owner has always used his own personal saving to finance support and grow this entity. We try to deliver a quality well beyond the expectations of our customers. We have a family supported business establishment that has even utilized the immediate family to support the needs of this business. We desire to grow and solidify our place in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and beyond. This is our home we will keep Milwaukee clean. Carpet Cleaning in Milwaukee began with this inspiration.


About Total Cleaning Solutions


Residential Cleaning

At Well Serve Services, provide a full service cleaning for residential spaces which includes and is not limited to the items in which you select for us to clean. We will fully clean the refrigerator, kitchen floors, the inside panel of the windows, walls, sinks bathrooms, living and dining room dusting, vacuuming, steam clean the carpet and furniture.

Commercial Cleaning

We also clean commercial spaces on a contractual basis. We cater to your needs for this commercial service by allowing you to select a cleaning schedule and we also offer specialty cleaning such as stripping and waxing floors, burnishing the floor. hardwood floor refinishing, window cleaning, Vent Cleaning and sanitizing.

Specialty Cleaning

Specialty services are services that are not routinely done when performing the basic cleaning services. these services include but are not limited to Window Cleaning, sanitiziIng providing wood surfaces with lemon oil , using scotchgaurd protectors on carpeteds surfaces which extends the life of the carpet cleaning as well as provides a protective barier when spills occur. Stripping and refinishing VCT floors and burnishing the surface to give it a luster and bling all the while protecting that surface. Air duct cleaning and mold and spores removal for molded areas. Refinishing hard wood floor


Quality Control

At Well Serve Services, we realize that our work is a direct reflection on your image. The management of your company had worked very hard and spent a big amount of money to create the “look and feel” of yourcompany environment. We know that your company’s trust on our cleaning company to enhance and preserve its appearance and ambience. We also know our future success depends on your consistent satisfaction.

At  Well Serve Services our objective is to accommodate your cleaning needs. Our cleaning expertise and people management techniques provide verity of option for your customized cleaning schedule. We have established a reputation in the cleaning industry for quality and dependability for your entire cleaning requirement. At Total Cleaning Solution Services we are focused on the job in hand and we would like to do it with satisfaction. Based on our experience in the cleaning industry we know that quality control is the key element to customer satisfaction. Since there is a drasticrealization among organizations and companies towards environment.