Special Allied

Samir Mansuri

Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning

Our sensitized work-force strikes surgically with the micro-focus and precision of an ace surgeon to annihilate the malignancy without scarring the surrounding body and with minimal blood-loss. A transfigured patient post such procedure adds years to her life and life to her years. As does your carpet and upholstery. To top it all, our surgeries can be scheduled to match your convenience and not the other way round.


Carpet / Upholstery Shampooing

And in case you wish to cleanse your battered carpets and upholstery to present them in a new avatar, we will love shampooing them with the tenderness one would handle an infant with. We would play Godmother to your assets as we use the most benign consumables and touches. These little considerations, born out of emotion and care, make us the most preferred care-taker as well as the care-giver in this industry.


Spring Cleaning

From dry & wet cleaning of walls, window panes and vacuum cleaning of furniture in domestic & commercial spaces to disinfecting, dusting and scrubbing kitchens and bathrooms-we shall always customize the service to your specific requirements and assign the most experienced housekeepers who will use non –polluting, biodegradable chemicals to elicit wows from you.


Floor Cleaning

Be it a hard floor, wooden floor or a tiled floor- call for our Buffing or Refinishing Services to protect, preserve, restore and maintain your floor surface. Options of one time cleaning, or an on-going maintenance program are open.


Facade Cleaning

We restore facades and windows to their youthful glory. Because blurred, grungy, smeared, spotty facades require professional window cleaning services with stringent safety precautions. Transfer the safety and quality risks to us.